We are a fast growing, dynamic body of believers, whose central purpose is to glorify the God we worship. It is a rare experience when a church, year after year, consistently moves forward for the cause of Christ. We as a church family have witnessed the demonstration and power of the Holy Spirit with unity, love and forbearance. It is biblical for a church to grow. The book of Acts says that the early church was characterized by growth. First, “daily was added” unto the church. Later, “the Lord multiplied” the church. Literally, “multitudes came” into the church. There is a sense that God wants His influence among mankind to progress from single arithmetic into complex exponential multiplication.We are a 104 year old church tracing our roots back to 1917, when Mrs. Boone was convicted to start a prayer campaign that God would institute a church in Lake Alfred. She went to Orlando and pleaded that the State Convention would provide assistance. The rest is history.