First Baptist Church of Lake Alfred now has online giving available to those who desire to use it. We offer online giving only as a convenience and not as a way to circumvent sound Biblical money management principles or in any way to incur debt. Users of online giving are responsible for setting up and controlling their online giving options themselves. They can designate where their giving goes (general fund, building fund, youth, missions, etc.) and the frequency in which they give. They will be able to constantly track their online giving by logging in and viewing their history. Note – online records will not reflect any manual giving. Online giving is safe, secure, and tax deductible. Online giving allows you to set up your giving using a debit card, electronic funds transfer (EFT), or a credit card. A word about credit card debt. While convenience and value are good, debt it bad! So for those of you who are not in the habit of paying off your monthly credit card balances, please use the debit card or EFT feature. For those who do pay off your credit card balances and would find it a greater convenience and value to put your donation on those cards, now you can do so.

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